October 2nd, 2005

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i heard dublin bark for the first time today... it does not fit him at all! it sounds exactly like a squeeky toy! i wouldnt have even known that he barked if my mom hadnt pointed it out to me.

do any of your bostons have strange barks? ramzi has a high pitched whiny bark. rylie sounds like an old lady nagging someone...
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More Fizzgig questions

Fizzgig is forgetting his manners. It started off at work. Whenever someone he does'nt know very well plays with him and gets him all excited, he suddenly pees, usually on the person playing with him. In the beginning it was funny and now everyone knows to talk to him from a distance unless he's just been walked. And dog pee on the floor at work is a very common occurance and easily cleaned so no-one really minds. But, he's started peeing on the floor at home. Problem is, I have carpeted floors in my apartment. I've scrubbed and scrubbed, but it still stinks like pee. I know about Nature's Miracle, I just can't afford anything extra right now. I just finished paying off my cat's surgery bill, and now my work is taking money out of my checks to pay off my other cat's bill who just died. This month, I'm barely able to pay rent. How do I deter him from peeing everywhere? I know I could be a little more timely in walking him, sometimes he does it when I'm getting ready to take him out, putting on my shoes. Other times he just gets excited and pees. Then there are the times where nothing seems to be the cause, he just pees. Should I be disciplining him? My boyfriend thinks I should, but I prefer positive reinforcement. I don't want to keep him crated up at all times when we're not out on walks. He's my first dog and I have no idea how to housebreak a dog. I've had him for 5 months now. He used to be so good about only peeing outside. It's just the past month that he's been doing this. Is it because I've been so lax about him peeing on the floor at work? I feel bad being mean to him, especially cause he only pees at work when he's overjoyed. He's 19 months old now.

Another issue is other animals. I have 4 cats and he treats them like toys. They don't really mind him so much, they often come up and sniff him. Which makes him go "OMG!!!! KITTY!!!!" And he then tackles them and covers them in kisses. They don't like this part so much. Most of the time my little 5 lb. siamese is the victim because she does'nt fight back, she just tries to wriggle out from under him.

My main concern though, is that he tries this with other dogs. He does'nt seem to understand how to interact with them. It starts off nice, they sniff each other. Then he suddenly out of nowhere jumps on the other dog and this scares the other dog and I have to separate them before things get bad. I'm not sure if it's because of his neuro problem or if he's just socially retarded. He's not being aggressive (although other owners think he is), he's just trying to play and does'nt know that it's not an acceptable way to go about things. He loves other animals and nothing would make him happier than playing with them, he's just so overbearing.

Any advice? Also, is there somewhere else that posting this would be more appropriate? I've asked behavioral questions on the petfinder.com message board before and not gotten much of a response. My house smells like pee :(
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I decided since everyone else is buying their babies CUZ on Joey's recommendation, I would get him another.

Introducing...DINO CUZ

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What IS this thing!!!

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this poor baby!

i found him on the pet harbor website which is kind of like petfinder, but it only shows shelters (no rescues) and it also shows "lost pets"... sometimes the lost pets end up in adoptable pets.

this guy was under "lost pets". dont ask me why i'm looking. i dont want/need another dog. but old habits die hard... anyway, this poor baby! i dont know what happened to him, but it looks like someone dumped one of those glow sticks in his eye and it got infected (i doubt thats what really happened, but it wouldnt surprise me if it did). who could let this happen to their best friend? :( it makes me want to cry just looking at his painful looking eyes...