October 8th, 2005

eight year old me

sick talk

Okay, I need help.

Pugsley has 2 Clavimox pills left and is scheduled to go to the vet on Monday to decide what to do next about the heartworms.  He is running a fever again and started (light, but still) shaking this morning for the first time in a week.  I just took him outside to go to the bathroom and I noticed something light-colored stuck to his tail.  Then I saw his little Pugsy poo:  it had the same little blobs in it. 

I think they're worms.

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Do you have any idea what this is?  Now that I have seen them up close, I think I might have seen one on Pugsley's tail before.  I don't think they are heartworms, but the ones he poos out should be dead heartworms anyway.  Heartworms look like spaghetti, and these things don't.

I won't be able to get in touch with the vet until Monday-- we don't have any emergency vets here, and I doubt spotting worms qualifies as emergency anyway.  I went ahead and gave Pugs the last cortisone pill (we were saving it in case he got bad again) to tide him over until I can get him to the vet. 

If he has some other strain of worms, that could be why he isn't gaining weight and why he's shaking.  Hell, it could be why he's running a fever.  Why did my vet not check for these things?

I swear I am not neglecting this child-- It seems like every day something else is wrong with him. He's just a little sick-magnet. I am going to lose my mind if I can't get this baby healthy soon.  Poor Pugs.  He just wants to have fun.  :/


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Little Lulu

My little baby weighs 11 pounds!!!! She turned 3 months old on the 23rd of september and already weighs 11 pounds!!! Hog weighed 8 pounds at 6 months old!!

He now will be one on monday and still only weighs 16 pounds. He only weighs 5 more pounds than Lulu!!!

Here is Hog getting his nails trimmed by daddy


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Flee, Fleas!!

I want to thank Cute Bunny for sending Deez and Mr. Boss-cake the Frontline! I don't think we are going to be having a flea problem, but I will save it for the Spring! I did bathe Boss and Deez with some flea shampoo and I haven't seen any more, so I think we might have taken care of it before it started. The shampoo said it repels for 10 days, so I will bathe them again and see how that holds.

For the record, Boss is a really rotten little beast! :D

Morning Smell

Is it just me being weird, or do your Bostons have that specific morning smell?

When Smudge wakes up and she's all warm and soft from sleeping under the covers, she has a specific smell. Not like wet dog smell, but a natural scent. I just love it. Like a new baby smell I guess. I just love to curl next to her and lay my face on her side.

Haha, I'm so weird.