October 10th, 2005

me with CKC La Pom pup

my puppy

some new adorable photos of my boston terrier puppy named "chaka".
Her color is called "seal" (like a chocolate with white).
she is going to be 7 weeks old on tuesday.
she is a chubby sweetie pie.

pup pics behind cut....
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I know he isnt a Boston but I just couldnt resist posting a pic of the little guy. This is Obo and he is the newest member of our family, he is a Pit Bull *no lectures or negative replies please!* and he is 10 weeks old today! We have had him since he was barely 6 weeks old and he is just a sweet heart. He is about to attend puppy kindergarden! Dot is in love with her new puppy and they now keep eachother warm at night by way of cuddling, just had to show the little man off!

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I have to go out in *that*?

It's snowing in Denver. Charlie has resorted to peeing on the post underneath the stairs at our apartment and hopping from carport to carport. He hates the rain and snow....doesn't like to get wet.

Oh yeah, and he won't come out from under the covers until he absolutely has to now.
boston terrier cute


My sweet baby is 1 years old today. I am going to tell the story of Hogerton for all of you that are interested. There will be lots of pics in this story as well.

It all started when my then boyfriend and now husband was moving. He moved into his boss's old house. There was a backyard and everything. I was like yay!! We can finally get our own boston. My parents own Tink & Rebel. I figured we would be able to have a dog since the last guy who worked for his boss and lived in the house had a big dog.

I would look online at the newspapers in our area daily. Boston Terriers are very hard to find out there in CA where we were living.

One day I found boston puppies for sale I called the lady: http://www.bostonterriermansion.com/ 

I told her I only wanted a boy. (I have read and learned from experience that males tend to be more loving than the females) I also told her I am looking for a boy with an all white head.

She said the boy was already reserved for someone else but she had another boston with "buns in the oven." She said she would call me when the dog gave birth. My husband then found out we would not be able to have a dog :(

The guy who lived there last let his dog chew up the house and ruin the back yard. I sobbed and sobbed. I wanted a little boston sooo bad. So I gave up and prayed to god that the dog in eureka would not give birth to a boy. I also prayed the lady would forget to even call me.

I knew the puppies were supposed to be born around the 10th of October. It was the 12th and she still hadn't called. Then the next day or so she called. She said she had lost my number but thankfully found it because the mom (Mellow ) only had one boy. Guess what? Not only was he the only boy. He also had an all white head too. I knew this was a sign and he was meant to be mine.

We decided to sneak the little puppy to and from his house. My mom said she would watch him during the day so he never had to be left alone at my husband's house. That weekend we made the 5 hour drive to see our little baby and put a deposit down on him

I named him Hogwarts because I love Harry Potter. My husband only agreed to this name because he loved the name Hog and that is what we mainly call him. So here are pics from the first time we saw Hog. He is 1 week old in these pics:


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Army wife

New icon....again!!

Hope everyone enjoys my new icon. That's my baby!!

Speaking of that baby, Charlie had a very busy day today. He went to the vet this morning for his 3rd puppy shot. I had to drop him off this time because Dr. Bob was so busy. :( I worked there during the summer and I knew he would be well taken care of, but it still broke my heart to leave him because he's never been away from Mom before! I picked him up in the afternoon and after a quick break at home for a rest, potty and a drink of water, we went to Petsmart to sign him up for puppy training classes! I didn't have the money with me so I'm not officially signed up yet, but $99 will get me 8 weeks of professional training, and if I am not satisfied I can take the class again for free! They teach basic manners, basic commands, socialization, and also help with potty training, among other things. The classes will be once a week. I had a choice between Saturdays at 10 am, Sundays at 3:30 pm, Tuesdays at 6 pm or Thursdays at 6 pm. Sadly, Thursdays are the best days for me, so I will have to TiVO The O.C. until the classes are over. *tear* Ah, the sacrifices we make for our babies! I couldn't help spoiling him while we were there, so I bought him some more chewies, a little monkey toy, and a Dino Cuz! (Since they're all the rage, I had to join the fun.) So far he's not really interested in it, well not as much as Joey anyway (but who is? heehee), but he's exhausted from today's excitement and will probably get into it more tomorrow. He did carry it around proudly and bat it around a bit.

Has anyone taken the Petsmart puppy training or any other type of class like that? Just wondering if anyone had anything to share about it, what I should expect, what I should do to make the experience better, whatever.

Oh, and I must add Happy Birthday Hog!!! :)
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