October 11th, 2005

I always was a sucker for a smiling face

Oh how I want this baby. I've been wanting a Boston for five years now, and I have to wait another 9 or 10 months until I move in with my boyfriend to get one. I've been begging him to get this one (it's been years since I've seen such a cute young adult male in a shelter near me, which is exactly what I want) but he won't budge until I move in with him because he says he doesn't have time for one. Le sigh. I just know when we get ready to get one, there will be none available in shelters. And I'd rather save one than buy one, and I just don't have the time or energy for a young pup, or the money for that matter lol.
Someone in Florida save this baby, he's just getting over heartworm and he is too cute!! Here's his petfinder page.
*tear* :D

*EDIT* Okay, the boyfriend has agreed to AT LEAST go see the dog tomorrow. He's a pushover. Pray for me :)

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We just joined Dogster!!!!


Also, I swore I'd never be one of those pet people who dresses their dog up... Well, especially now that the weather is starting to cool, I can't help but drool over all the cute little clothes my baby could wear. Any one have suggestions of websites and such for doggie wear? Also, what are you all doing for Halloween? I need some ideas!!

Gerald update!

Hey guys! Here's an update on the little guy I posted about:
I called the shelter, the lady who answered was supernice. She said that he is so crazy hyper that the vet is having to keep him moderately tranquilized throughout his heartworm treatment to keep him quiet (Poor baby!) but he is an awesome dog. She said he won't be ready for around 2 or 3 weeks. I asked if I could put a deposit down on him to guarantee getting him, and she said no, because they don't know what will happen with his heartworm treatment in the next few weeks. (Although she did say all the dogs they've treated for heartworm have come through it successfully, so I don't see the problem, grr). They don't have the facilities to x-ray the dogs, they are just able to see if they're heartworm positive, so they don't know how extensive the heartworm is. She also asked if I was the girl who called last night and left a message, which I did not! So other people are interested in him, grrrr! She said as soon as he comes off medical hold, he will be available for adoption, so just check the website everyday. :( I hope I get him!! He's so great she says! And I think she was mildly impressed with my knowledge of heartworm and Bostons in general. I've had alot of time to read about dog stuff since I've been wanting a Boston since age eleven! Haha.

The suspense = killing me. Lol.

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Heres our little lovies asleep...on my bed...with my blankets and pillows...I wouldnt have it any other way! My Dot and Obo are worth it, spoiled brats lol. Obo is getting so big! Almost a 10 pounder already.