October 13th, 2005

please help

one of my bostons just turned 6 a few days ago. tonight she was fine and playful as ever. but just a few minutes ago i heard an enormous thump and rolling sound upstairs. at first i thought someone had fallen, it was that large of a sound. but my mom's shocked voice trying to coax made me realise it was my dog.
my mom brought bandit down in her arms. bandit's legs were convulsing and her eyes were wide open, reverse crosseyed. there was thick foam coming out of her mouth and some blood too, and she was peeing everywhere. she kept shaking. when we put her on the ground to get a drink she rolled around and hit her head a little like she couldn't control her muscles. then she slowly came out of it and was normal again, though she wouldn't accept any food nor drink.
i'm really worried. i'm going to take her to the vet sometime soon, but i was just wondering if this was a seizure? we've never had this problem before. please help me.
~ l*rs
heard what?

How does this happen ?? NBR , but dog related ....

I Have a puppy , a Yorkie terrier who is six months old , and doesnt even weight 5 pounds , but he is a deamon on four paws . Tonight he was playing with Sassy our Boston , on our bed. Well, Bently got too close to the edge of the bed and fell off , landing on a pile of books that I was cleaning up . He yelped , but other wise was fine, and went for sassy again, than squatted , so I rushed him out side ( i thought he had to GO)
When we let him back in about 10 minutes later , he was shaking , and wobbling ,and acting very funny , so we rushed him to the emrg. vets office , and a drive that should have taken almost an hour only took 20 min . We thought he was going to die .

We got him there, and they checked him out , and he has a cracked skull . How did that happen !????? Holy s.....!!!!
And when the vet showed us the x-rays , he began giving us the third degree about how it happned , what was in on , how far a fall , ect ( about three feet , btw ) and was treating us like we did it to him on purpose . We ( my husband and I were both crying , and hes acting like we beat our dogs.

My question is this , if someone beats their dog , why on earth wouth they risk their life to get their dog help at one am , and why would they put down a 1000$ deposit , and give the office full relase to do what ever they needed to keep the dog alive ?

I know we look funny , but that was the worst treatment we have ever recived in a vets office . *sigh*

I just want him to be okay . I am so scared right now .
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We're new here!

Hi, I'm new and just thought I'd introduce myself.  My name is Kate and I just bought my first Boston on Tuesday.  She's six weeks old and just the cutest thing ever.  I've always liked Bostons and now I finally have one of my own!  She's more than I could have ever asked for!  Here are some pics! 

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thanks to all who posted... i'm taking bandit to the vet in about half an hour. my other boston is like what's going on!! haha. bandit is acting fine today, although she's quieter and very docile, as if she was on sedatives. but we're going soon. i'll keep you guys posted on her<3 thanks for all your suggestions, it really means a lot to me.
~ l*rs
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they are so fragile, aren't they?

The last few posts about the poor babies getting hurt/seizures has made me think of something that happened to Griffin a couple months back. My husband was playing with Griffin, as he always does, on the bed. Our mattress and boxspring are on the floor, but they are oversized so a little taller than standard. Anyway, Griffin likes to jump on, off, on, off the bed and this one time, he yelped and was holding one of his back legs up. He kept yelping and my husband massaged his leg, we calmed him down and he seemed fine. We thought it was just a muscle spasm. A few days later I noticed he was always standing with that one leg off the ground, but seemed to run and jump and walk perfectly fine. I took him to the vet and it wasn't broken, thank goodness, but he needed anti-inflamatories because it was a joint problem. After the medication, he was back to normal. But man! What a scare! I couldn't believe that just jumping off of a bed that's on the floor could hurt him. Now we're very cautious with playtime.

My thoughts are with your sick or injured puppies right now! I hope all is well with them very soon.
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Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund - a little off topic

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Gertie and I are going to suit up and walk 5K for the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund) walk-a-thon on October 22, 2005.

JDRF set up a sponsership page for us - and I know a lot of us are tapped out at this point-so no worries. I set my goal low so I can cover it myself - yeaaaaaah I know that's cheeseball, but hey, I do what I can. ;P

CLICK HERE! for my sponser page.

I'll be sure to take lots o' pics o' Gertron leading the team. ;P
Thanks! Mitsu


This is Sophie. We've had her about a month. She's just about doubled in size in that time. She and Stokely get along pretty well but sometimes he gets jealous but he's good with her.
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bandit is a-ok!! thank you everyone. we went to the vet and her temperature and blood were normal, but he said it was definitely a seizure. he prescribed some medication and she'll start on it tomorrow. <3

My Gerald is gone .... :(

Listen to this crap...
Someone already "adopted" my dog... the one from the shelter recovering from heartworm. I guess if you have friends in the right places you CAN reserve a dog. Well, anyway. Today the boyfriend, seeing how utterly depressed I was (I was in tears) bought me a consolation prize...
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She is four months old, and gets along famously with my two cats so far!! :) More updates to come!
heard what?

Bently update

Well, bently is home, he had swelling of the brain, but the vet said he would be fine . He still has his IV thingy in , and hes pretty groggy from the medicine hes one, but otherwise seems ok, other than a bit wobbly. Thank you guys so much for your support . Thank you .

bent and my moms boston , baxter