October 16th, 2005

Hazel has double surgery in the morning :(

I would really appreciate it if you all could keep our Hazel in your thoughts tomorrow.. She's finally getting her cherry eye fixed, & also being spayed. I wanted to take care of both procedures at the same time so she wouldn't have to be put under anesthesia twice, and have two recoveries. I'm glad it's being take care of, but of course worried too :(

Also, I was intent on just having the cherry eye pinned back, but we've called several vets, and none of them do it. Every one of them that we spoke to deal with cherry eye by removing it. So we're going with our regular vet. He performed Zeke's neuter last year, and it's where we go for all of our vet visits. We trust them, but I'm still really worried that when they cut it out, she will develop dry eye (because the gland they'll be cutting out produces 30% of the tears, so I've read) Anyway, I'm a wreck. Why don't these vets pin back cherry eyes?? It seems like the safest route!

Anyway, we'll be bringing her in at 7 am and she will stay overnight, poor girl. Please send her good thoughts, and some for me too, I'm going to be going nuts with worry tomorrow, great time to take a midterm, eh?

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