October 21st, 2005

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Hi...and help?

I joined a while ago, but I think this is my first post. I'm Andi, mom to Jack and Rylee, 3 1/2 year old brother and sister from the same litter. Once I figure out how to post pics (I'm pretty new to LJ, so bear with me :)), I'll give them a more proper intro.

So, my question is this. My husband and I are expecting our first baby in March. I'm not sure how Jack and Rylee will do with it because up until now, they've always been our "kids"...they get a ton of attention because, well, they're adorable Bostons and they deserve it (and demand it). LOL. And overall, they're incredibly well behaved. But they (Jack especially) have a bad habit of jumping up to kiss the face of anyone comes around. They do it mildly for my husband and I, but for anybody else, it's a frenzy. I mean, Jack obsesses and jumps 3 feet off the ground to try to say hi, which luckily most people find funny. We joke that he's spring loaded. LOL. Anyway, they usually listen and follow commands extremely well, except when they're all excited by new people and are jumping all over the place. Then it's like they can't even hear our voices. I really want to curb this behavior before the baby comes, so we don't have to deal with them trying to jump all over people that are holding the baby, etc.

Does anyone have any advice about this? I know Bostons are wonderfully eager by nature, so I don't want to lose that special Bostie edge, but I'd love to find a way to tone it down in that one situation if possible.

Oh, and any other advice about having Bostons with a new baby would be much appreciated.


EDIT: I just remembered that the pups are up on dogster, in case anyone wants to check them out while they're tech-challanged mom figures out how to post pics. So without further ado, here are Jack(http://www.dogster.com/pet_page.php?i=117591&j=t) and Rylee (http://www.dogster.com/pet_page.php?i=117616&j=t).

I need some help...

My baby, Sophie, is a smart little girl, which is no surprise coming from a Boston.

Unfortunately, she's also a bit stubborn. She's not minding me at all. She doesn't come to me when I call her, which is AWFUL when she's outside. She just zips around in circle around me, and seems to think that when I call her to come to me that I'm just playing chase. She was really good about sitting when I told her to, and "drop" when I'd tell her to drop stuff, but she won't shake no matter how many times I go over it, or recently follow any commands anymore, not even sit. I'd really like to take her to obedience classes but what with the whole being in college thing (which equals being totally broke) I can't afford it. I'm always very firm with her, and patient, but she definitely has a mind of her own and it's getting REALLY EFFING ANNOYING!!! I hate complaining because she's a really good girl for the most part: loving, has never torn up shoes or books, walks well on a leash, full of energy and curiousity... but she has GOT to start minding. And it scares me when she's off her leash and runs out of the center of my apartment complex and won't come to me.

Any suggestions? She's 5 months old, by the way.

SInce I've never posted a picture of her, here's one from August swimming in the Guadalupe River on the way home from work one day:

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I was curious what you give to your BT for treats? I would like to give Sofie something other than the small Milkbones, though she loves them and doesn't know what she is missing...

I just don't know what to give her, I'm overwhelmed in the doggie snack section...from things that look like chewy bacon to frosted bisquotties I don't know what is safe or not.

Not that she has a sensitive tummy but I'm always wary of giving her new things to eat, and now when I think about it all she eats is her dry dog food and her Milkbones (one bone a day.) What a boring life. LOL

Also how often do you give your kiddies treats a day?
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Oh dear.

I posted several weeks ago about my mom's new puppy, Periwinkle, and how she is terrified of everyone besides my mom. This weekend my parents are out of town and I am dogsitting; I just arrived a little while ago. And the fun has already started. I found Peri lying in her dog bed. I started to pet her and sweet talk her but she just lay there stiff as a board. I started to very gently pick her up - I know she has to go to the bathroom by now, and I figured I'd be better off carrying her outside than trying to coax her out - but she slipped out of my hands and ran into her crate, which she will not come out of. She's shaking like a leaf. I tried to lure her out with a treat, but that didn't work. I am hoping that if I am calm and patient with her she will eventually relax and start to trust me, but maybe I am being too optimistic. Do you all have any advice for me? She's so cute, and I want to be her friend!
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