October 26th, 2005

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Heat Cycle

I'm kicking myself for not getting Clementine spayed already because she just went into heat. She is only 9 months old.

Does anyone have any experience with a Boston in heat? I'm curious how long the bleeding part will last. I've heard that it can be anywhere from 1-21 days, but usually varies by the breed and size. Trust me, if you know you don't want to breed your dog, get them spayed asap. The diaper + pads + blood + her feeling bad really sucks. :(

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Boston's Rule

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My two ding dongs were given a chewy bone thingy like I always do when I am going to leave for longer than 4 hours.  I came home earlier than I thought and guess what they had done?!?!?!  They chewed up the carpet where it meets the wood door strip!  The only thing I can think of (to give them a good excuse) is that since that is the spot where they usually chew their biscuits and treats that maybe one of them or a piece of one when under the carpet?  There has been a 3"x1" hole that they have ignored until now.  Now the hole is about 14"x2".  I guess it's time to put something there to cover it.  They also drug out the dirty dish towels that I throw between the washer and dryer... they were a few feet from the hole.  I wonder what they were up to... and I wonder if I should keep them in the hall again when I leave?!!  They have the run of the hall, kitchen, office & laundry room now and have done fine for the past 6 months.  Gah.