October 31st, 2005


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Lucy went to a party this weekend and won an honorable mention (it was a people costume contest) and was much loved and spoiled by all. we didn't make her wear the hat ;)

she won a small bag of cheez-its (no OMG!!!!!!11peoplefoodisbad!!!1 comments please, she totally deserved it since we humiliated her)

but I thought you would all enjoy the picture you've seen everywhere again!

Happy Halloween!

there is a picture of us dressed up with lucy, but I can't find it, so when I find it I shall post it!
boston terrier cute


Everyday Hog, Lulu, and I walk over to Wickham Park where I work at the dog park. We walk on the sidewalk for 5 minutes probably and then we are at the park. All in all we do like 2 miles a day sometimes twice a day. Wonder why Lulu is still so fat? haha. Plus they go into the dog park for an hour everytime so they are gettig major exercise.

Anyways to get to the point we were walking and Hog was pulling like he needed to go on the grass. I thought he had to poop or pee really bad or something. He started doing the waddle thing they do when they are about to throw up. He throws up a bunch of white foamy and stuff and while he is throwing up he is staggering really bad and falling over.

When he was done throwing up he completely fell over. It was horrible. I have those stupid retractable leashes and Lulu was trying to attack him while this was happening. I was trying to make sure the leashes were locked down so they didnt run in the road and i was trying to pull Lulu off Hog and see if he is ok all in one.

It was so scary but he got up and was fine.A minute later he got a stick and was toturing Lulu with it...

This happened once before and I posted about it here when it did happen. It was when he was a little baby he threw up white foamy stuff and then collapsed. He is going to the vet tommorow anyways because of this thing on his neck

I hope whatever that is it doesn't cost a lot to fix. I dont know though because you can grab it and feel the underneath part and it is hard as a rock... really odd.. So I will ask the vet about him passing out tommorow. So scary though!

Hog always lays on Lulu's bed :)

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My animals love pumpkin

Seriously, they all love to eat pumpkin. Well aside from my gray cat who hides all the time now that we got Kylie. She hates when Kylie picks on her, and I don't blame her! Hehe...
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Oh and, the Boston I was originally supposed to get (Gerald from the shelter that had heartworm) is back at the shelter because he didn't like the cats at the home he was adopted into. So I guess it is for the better since we have two cats that are like our children as well. Even though Kylie terrorizes them enough, haha (does this behavior eventually calm down? I feel horrible for our kitties!)
Thanks guys :)

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here we are with Darth Lucy on Saturday!

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here is a close up of her face because she looks SO LITERALLY ANGRY WITH RAGE at being picked up, paraded around as a Sith Lord, and there were no treats in this picture!!!! the horror.

she got plenty of snacks afterwards, something about the cuteness that is Darth Lucy (and nerdy 501st legion Star Wars people) .... she knows how to work a table ;)
Bentley and Niko
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I didn't end up getting a costume for Bentley so I photoshoped some dracula onto him. He did get this toy from someone at the dog park, and is enjoying all the kids coming to the door. I told someone he was a cat for howloween.