November 1st, 2005

New Doggy Artwork

Lots of new dogs a lot of them Terriers, I was in a Terrier mood....however some bigger dogs will be done this week including a Mastiff!! Lots of images behind the cut (warning for dial up users!!!)

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boston terrier cute

Hogwarts Update

We just got back from the vet. Hog weighs 15 pounds and they commented on how small he is. I think they are just used to 4 month old Lulu weighing 13 pounds!!! Hog is done growing now so I just can't imgaine how much bigger Lulu will be than him!

He has a bacterial infection sound familiar? Lulu had one too. Instead of this she had little scabs all over her back. He says they are from taking them to the dog park and letting them roll around in the dirt/mud ect.

You can see in the pic above on his side? That has a bacterial infection in it too. It was just a little scrape and now it is getting all ugly like his neck. He has pills he has to take twice a day and I have spray stuff I had for Lulu to put on him as well. I told him about his collapsing and throwing up he said it was a siezure and when dogs do this twice or more in 6 months they might be epileptic.

I pray he is not but he said there is medication for it

Main Entry: ep·i·lep·sy
Pronunciation: 'e-p&-"lep-sE
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -sies
Etymology: Middle French epilepsie, from Late Latin epilepsia, from Greek epilEpsia, from epilambanein to seize, from epi- + lambanein to take, seize -- more at LATCH
: any of various disorders marked by disturbed electrical rhythms of the central nervous system and typically manifested by convulsive attacks usually with clouding of consciousness

Here is a closeup for Lusey's face for your enjoyment

Thanks for caring!

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Boston's Rule


Boston Buddies 2006 Calendar Contest


has begun!!!

January * February * March * April * May * June
July * August * September * October * November * December

Click on each month to view the entries.
Each entry is labeled.
Voting will end on
Monday, November 7th at 11:59pm!!!

1) You are only allowed to vote once per month. 
(The poll will only allow you to vote once). 
2) Only Boston Buddies members are allowed to vote. 
Please do not create additional LJ accounts just to vote.  Of course we love our BIG happy family and would love for more Boston lovers to join, so if you have friends and/or family that would like to become a part of our wonderful community, please do tell them to join and vote too if they would like!
3) At the end of the voting if we have a tie, we will have a tie-breaking poll and allow voting for a week.
4) Each doggie can appear as the "featured" baby in only ONE MONTH.  If at the end of the voting we have a doggie that "won" more than one month, we will hold a poll for a week to vote for which month that doggie will appear, and the "runner up" for the other month will become the featured baby in that other month.


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I'm thinking of getting 'Fetching Tags' for Zeke & Hazel as Christmas presents.. (

You can get a little personalized message inscribed on the front of the tag. I was thinking for Zeke, I could put 'SIR FARTS-A-LOT'... but this one is so him..

Image hosted by

What should I get on Hazel's? I want something that really fits her. I'd like to maybe include something about her snoring, being stinky, fat, being a little sister, ect. Who knows.

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If you were getting one for your pig, what would you want inscribed?