November 2nd, 2005

boston terrier

hi, i'm a newbie!

hi! just wanted to introduce myself... I'm Vee. i don't have a boston yet... i'm actively doing research - learning more about this breed and also looking for reputable breeders.

does anybody have any recommendations for reputable breeders in California?

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My brother's dogs, Jane and Floyd, dug their way out of his fenced backyard today. They aren't Bostons but they are loves and I think of them as niece and nephew. He arrived home at 3:00, and the neighbor had caught Jane and tied her up to a fence rail so she couldn't continue running. However, Floyd is still MIA. Dave has been looking for him since 3:00. I really really hope he's OK. Please send "FLOYD GO HOME" doggie esp messages to him with me. :(
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New Doggy Artwork (A Big One)

After much requests I finally did a Scottish Terrier in a large format for me 8"X10". He will be going up for auction tomorrow with a Welsh Terrier (which is nearly completed....I'll post him when I am done)

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Hope you enjoy my latest painting!!!

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