November 3rd, 2005

boston terrier

breeder questions

hi again all, i'm new to the BT researching thing and would like your help please regarding breeders!

  • what are signs of a genuine, reputable breeder?
  • conversely, what are some red flags that i should look out for when questioning breeders? I've heard so many horror stories about puppy mills and do not want to adopt our first furbaby from a place like that.
thank you in advance for your help!
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A good source for anyone who owns or wants to get a boston
I've noticed some of the new members are asking for info on bostons, breeders etc and I think this is a good source. 
It looks like her book is super detailed and very well thought out. 
I signed up for her weekly boston newsletter and already got an article, it's a lot of info but I know we all want to do the best for our babies :~)
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Floyd listened to us all and came out from behind my brother's shed at around 6 am this morning when he was starting his van. Thanks for all the good thoughts! ^_^
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boston terrier

breeder called me overwhelming

i've read over and over again that i should ask as many questions about a breeder's practices, pups, etc. well, i took the advice and asked thorough questions that I formulated after researching the kinds of things i SHOULD ask. she says that the two emails i sent of "non-commital questioning is over the top. she even called me pushy. Her last statement... "I wish you the best on finding your puppy and the breeder that can with stand pages and pages of drilling questions." WHAT?! sheesh.

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