November 6th, 2005

boston terrier cute


You know how on your cell phone you can go under profiles and write whatever you want? Instead of it saying Home or Roaming it says what you put? Like mine says Bee because that is my name to my husband. Well I just looked at his phone and it says Hog & Lulu. How cute is that??
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This is Albus' "These college parties are killing me" photo.  I thought I'd get some good photos here but it turns out the leaves were so intense the pictures don't really work.  This one however was a pleasant surprise that gave me a great laugh!

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Joey is not a football fan

We live right next to the stadium where both ASU and the AZ Cardinals play their home games. Joey is scared to death of the fireworks and tends to hide under this counter or in the bathroom. Luckily for Joey the Cardinals do not score often ;)

Tanner doesn't care about the fireworks, he'd rather snuggle with me :)

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Ashton's wierd little habit.

Ashton has this wierd habit of grooming his paws before he falls asleep.

He curls up either behind my knees or by my chest and just starts licking his feet until he falls asleep. He'll lick and lick and lick and lick until he starts snoring. He's been doing this since he's about 3 months old, so it's not nothing new. It's just wierd.

Any of y'all Bostonians do that?