November 10th, 2005


We are mulling over Satchel for our new pup that we pick up Dec 10th( which could NOT seem any further away!).

Any comments on this name? Good, bad?

We like it as it refers to Satchel from Get Fuzzy and baseball great Satchel Page...

Any other suggestions?
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I've posted a couple times about Periwinkle, my mom's ultra-shy puppy. My mom just called me and told me that Peri is very sick and in the hospital. She had been throwing up the past couple of days so my mom took her to the vet today and then brought her home, and then she threw up again through her mouth and nose and started choking and passed out. My mom took her back to the vet and now she is there with an IV. My mom talked to the vet later on the phone and asked if Peri was upset and crying and they said she was too sick to even do that. They are going to run tests tomorrow and try to figure out what is wrong with her; my mom said something about there being some kind of blockage.

The really, really awful thing about this is that my mom's first Boston, Petunia, was hit by a truck and killed earlier this year. My mom was absolutely devestated and it was months before she could even entertain the idea of getting another dog. And then she got Periwinkle, and now this has happened. She is all upset and crying and I don't know what to say to her.

I just wanted to post because I knew you all would understand. Please keep Peri and my mom in your thoughts.
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I don't think I ever posted this but if I did then oh well! :) After we got Kermie my grandma was telling about a boston they had (I never knew they had one!). So she sent me this picture of her and my grandpa with their BT Bootsie. I wish it had a date on it but I think it was pre 1947.
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