November 11th, 2005


Sophie was spayed earlier today, and on top of that she had two baby teeth pulled. THe operation went well, my brother's old roommate who did the surgery is a fantastic surgeon. She's finally fully awake now, but she is staring into a corner and crying. I've tried snuggling her, gave her a itny bit of food and all the water she wants, spread out all her toys for her, walked her and she pottied, and she's STILL crying. Even though I know perfectly well that having her spayed was the responsible and necessary thing, I feel like such a bad mommy right now.

Did any of you feel that way after you picked up your little darling from her surgery?

PS: In other news, the preview for "Walk the Line" just played and it looks like it's going to be amazing. Also, sorry for the lack of pictures. Lack of scanner and digital camera equals no pictures :(
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Spaying Prices

OMG! You guys are right, my vet is totally ripping me off!!!

$206 for the procedure based on a 10 lb. dog
$68 for the blood profile
$55 addition for the laser surgery
$23 for the urinalysis

$352 total cost

With someone's advice from my previous post, I got a spaying certificate online and paid $75 and when I called the nearest vet that would take it, they are going to charge me additionally:

$45 pre-op testing and
$40 for extra monitoring because of the 'kind of snout' the BT's have.

I just called another vet and they quoted me at a flat price of $160 for everything no matter what size or what kind of dog I have (but they don't have laser)---but still! She did say since it will be our first time there they will charge a $42 'first visit' fee just to make sure she is okay. I told them what my vet quoted me on and the woman was floored! They said the urinalysis and blood profiling they only do if the dog were older, say like 12 or 13 years old and they were having this procedure done.

I also mentioned how the other place I called said they were going to charge me $40 for the extra monitoring for her snout and she said she never heard of such a thing and that was ridiculous.

I'd like to know what your guys' thoughts are on that...should I ask if they could waive that?? Should I challenge them on it? On Sofie's vet visits they commented that they aren't worried about her snout, that she is fortunate that they don't foresee her having breathing problems.

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Yesterday I got the news that my angel Noel has 1-2 months to live. She's had mast cell disease for a year now but she had had very invasive surgery and we thought we had beaten it. However it's come back in the same spot and the doctor said that there isn't much we can do without totally amputating the leg and it would still probably come back. We're going to try a few sessions of chemo to keep it in check and maybe extend her life for a few more months and keep her quality of life as high as possible.
I feel absolutely sick. Noel is so much more to me than a pet. She's like a sister to me. I've had her for eleven years now and I can't imagine home without her. She makes me believe that there are good things in this world.

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I do not have a dog right now, but I would love to get one in the future. My fiance and I are living in an apartment and we have a cat, a rabbit and a Parakeet. I have a friend here in town who has a Boston and I absolutely love him!! He's the cutest guy ever!! I also wanted to tell you all about a community I started.
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