November 14th, 2005

Boston's Rule


I did not realize this, but Molly Belle "won" in January, October & November!!!
I thought that was Bob in November, and in October she is with Tuffy and I didn't realize it!!!
SO - since she can only appear once we have to vote.
Alyson has asked that since she can only be in one month that October be the one so that 10 year old Tuffy can be the featured baby too.
I like the idea, but I am I am leaving it up to everyone to decide...
GO HERE to see the "winning" pictures of her...
We will have a week of voting... ending at 12:01am on Monday, November 21st...
Vote below for the month Molly Belle is to be featured...
... and I should have the calendar ready for ordering by next Tuesday and will post details of the ordering process from Cafe Press at that time...

Poll #611922 Which month should Molly Belle be the featured baby dogger?

In which month should Molly Belle be featured?

October (with Tuffy)
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Hi guys. We're concerned about our bub. We noticed how his face seemed to be more red than usual and then i looked inside his crate and discovred that his bedding was all red. We're thinking it's definitely blood. It's not soaked, it's dry but it's all over the bedding. We see little scabs around his jowls and it looks irritated. Has anyone experienced this with their boston? We're definitely calling the vet tomorrow and get him checked out. I'm a worried mommy :(
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We have a problem

I didn't crate train Hog or Lulu. Hog has NEVER once chewed up anything he wasn't supposed to. Not once. Lulu hasn't either. I did have her in a baby playpen when we would leave the house but I stopped doing that over a month ago. She has been totally fine left alone. The only thing she would do is take our shoes out of the bins by the door we keep them in. She wouldnt chew them just take them out and put them in her bed.

I put them up because I didn't want dirt all over the house from the shoes.

My husband started school on the 7th. He only comes home for the weekends. Well the 9th Lulu chewed up our door rug. She cowars so bad when you tell her she is a bad girl. She shakes and shudders and the whole works but then she'll turn around and do it again the next day. I scold her and it seems like she is so hurt by it she will never do it again.

She begs me to forgive her and how can I not? This weekend my husband came home. We left and she still chewed up the rug. Even with my husband scolding her (which is much scarier than when I do it) she would still chew it up.

So today before I went to work I put up EVERYTHING. The shoes, the bins, and both rugs. I come home and its dark inside so I cant see any damage but she is cowaring in the corner. I just think she is just so used to cowaring all the time she doesnt know what shes doing. I take them out to go potty but she doesnt want to come back inside. I have to drag her in.

Finally I see what she chewed up. Hog's brand new bed!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so pissed!!! I got the playpen out and set it all up and she is still in it right now at 7:012 and I put her in it around 6:15. I have no idea what to do. Hog is so upset she is in there. He wants her out so she can play with him. I know she will bite her way through that mesh and Hog will help when I leave.

I don't know if I should buy her a crate? Leave her in the bathroon (so mean!!) or what? We got Lulu so Hog would have someone to play with when no one is home. I dont want her cooped up all day but what else can I do?! We are so poor that I am still using the chewed up rug rather than going and buying a new one. I dont want her to keep chewing things...

Anyone have any suggestions?

The rug

Hog's bed


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I'm trying out a version of this store that does prints on clothing and other fun little gifts, thought I'd send out a link. Let me know what you think I am still in the customizing phase, it's a lot more work than I thought (as always)