November 30th, 2005

Bo's Surgery....

Bo got his Luxating Patella fixed on the 22nd. This is the first chance I've had to report on it, and post some pics.
Anyways.. The surgery went awesome,and the recovery is going even better! He's finally starting to walk on the leg that got operated on (I'm soo I take him back on the 6th to get his staples removed!
I'll post a few pics of his leg under a cut incase anyone doesnt want to see it :)

Here he is the day after the surgery, he hates having a cone
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I just got the new lands end catalog in the mail and it has a BT on the cover wearing antlers. Oh its so cute!!! I tried to scan it but of course it is acting up grrrrrrrrrr. I went to the site and the photo is no where in site on there either. I will try again when I have time to tinker with the scanner, trust me its soooooooooooooo cute
Bentley and Niko
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Bostonly Greetings

I've got more stuff done as far as prints set up, and greeting cards at my cafepress store. I'm making a little ad for it. I kinda wish their greeting cards were better priced and in larger quantities, I am thinking of going to Kinkos and doing some bulk then selling them myself for less, and using them to send out. Anyway, here is the latest "Boston Elves" composition (larger pic under cut).

It was really fun to make, and I used the Boston Buddies to get references for faces, and expression. I am sure there will be more to come.
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Newbie sort of

I've been visiting this community for a long time now. I love seeing all the wonderful pics of so many adorable Bostons. I don't actually have a Boston but I plan on getting one soon. I've grown up with Bostons though. My Grandparents got one when I was a few months old and we pretty much grew up together. Her name was Dutchie and she died when I was 13. My Grandparents have had 3 Bostons over the years. Their current one Jack is my little buddy. I adore him and try to kidnap him every chance I get lol. So I thought I'd share some info and pics on him.

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Tuffy and Molly

I made this graphic a while ago for a webpage assignment in one of my undergraduate classes. Rory and Bob are not on it because we did not have them at the time, but I thought I would share anyway.

I love making vector style graphics out of pictures, and my babies made this assignment so much more enjoyable!