December 4th, 2005

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Lucy has been insanely mopey this weekend, I believe its because she totally misses having her friends over.

we dogsat for our friends over thanksgiving and for a few days after that. A pug and a toy poodle. Lucy moped when they were introduced, and it was so sad. She was so upset that she had to share our attention, but about 2 days after they joined the household, she and Frodo (the pug) were inseperable. they played tug and chased the cats and were up to so much trouble and they had so much fun. However, all good times must come to and end and the night before Frodo and Pele left we took some pictures of them before bedtime

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I guess this means that we have to get another dog. She was so happy when she had someone else to play with :( we couldn't get her to play with us and all she is doing is SIGHING and moping around on the couch. if only she had bonbons....