December 5th, 2005

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I feel like I'm always posting pictures of Hazel, & none of Zeke... I promise we don't lock him in a closet, he usually just turns his head everytime I bring the camera out :) Well I woke up early this morning to study for my last final today (wish me luck!) & the dogs were hangin' out in the (messy!) living room with me, & Zeke was being pretty cooperative, suprisingly. So here are a bunch of pictures of BOTH Zeke & Hazel..

"Sup Mom?"
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Doggie Love!!!

my new camera and Ruby

I got Ruby a new sweater with pearls!
I also got a new camera and was trying out the new settings - much to her dismay.

You can photograph in 'sepia'.

It has a black and white feature.

Ruby and I had a precious moment.