December 7th, 2005

Bentley and Niko
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Mom... why haven't you printed those cards yet...

I'm trying to coordinate with ericbenge for use of a discount through Kinkos-to get the cards printed from this post*, looks like they may be as cheap as $18 for a pack of 25, plus shipping, so I will keep everyone interested posted. But if anyone else wants some let me know.

*the post i was referring to -

I'm excited, my family wants some too, and I may send Christmas cards out for the first time in 3 years.
boston terrier cute


I got Lulu fixed today. Took her to her vet (Florida Aid to Animals) at 8:30am and picked her up at 12:30. She will not stop crying. It is absolutely horrible. Hog did the same exact thing when he got fixed but not like this. He would whimper and cry but not constant. She wont stop. She is trying to sleep but she can't because she wont stop crying.

I want to die it is horrible to see her in so much pain. I have pain medicine for her but it doesnt start until tommorow. I took videos of her crying to show you. This is nothing. She would be quiet when the beep of the camera beeped. So just imagine this but times 100.

Click here to watch 'Lulu-just-got-fixed' Click here to watch 'Lulu-just-got-fixed-2'
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boston terrier cute

Lulu Again

Sorry to be updating like a mad women but I am bedridden with the Lulu. I just wanted to say Lulu Belle is 15.7 pounds!!!! She is 5 months old.

When Hog got fixed he was 6 months old and weighed a whopping 8 pounds!!! You all know Lulu has always been big. One of the biggest puppies of her litter of 8. Well when I picked her up the vet asked me what kind of food is she on? I said Nutro Max Puppy. She said in a month I need to gradually mix in Hog's Nutro Max adult with her puppy because I need to be watching her weight!!!!

I couldnt believe she was calling the Lulu fat. Well I mean I call her fat but she has always been huge! Lulu walks 2 miles with me every single day. I just told them she is a big girl...

It's just odd Im going to be giving her adult food at 6 months old. Hog didnt get adult till he turned a year. I thought that was how it worked.. wait till they are a year.
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(mostly directed to those of you in the colder climates, but input from all is definitely welcome)

- if there was an indoor dog park (possibly with dog training, grooming, retail, and boarding services, but first and foremost an off-leash dog park) complete with climate control, artificial sunlight, and all the things an outdoor park has, like pools (not the plastic ones, like, built-in shallow pools), sand mountains, tunnels, etc. catered to smaller dogs (under 30-ish pounds), would you go?