December 8th, 2005



Shadow is three. It is 3:47am CST. So he is in bed with my mom sleeping. I should be sleeping but noooooo that never happens :|. I have plans to spoil him rotten today :). My little guy is getting so big -sniffles- I will get some pics of him later today.
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There is a Terrier in my mail box!

Sorry, no pics, but anyhooo....

Yesterday, I went to my mail box and checked the mail. Assorted bills, a Christmas card and whoa, what's this? A Lands' End Christmas book. Who was on the front? A cute little Boston, wearing antlers!!!! I seriously said, "Awwwwwwwwwwwe, lookit!" No one was even around to "lookit." I am such a dork, but this made me happy! I do have to admit, the poor little guy looks kinda miserable, antlers and all. The picture is now proudly displayed on my fridge.

It makes me happy to see a BT in ads. People better recognize!

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I received Hazel & Zeke's new tags in the mail today & I love them!!!

I haven't been able to get a good picture of Zeke with his tag yet, or Hazel with her 'Circus Bear' tag, so I'll post those later. In the meantime here is Hazel with her "Queen of Farts" tag :)

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Their quality is awesome..they're really thick... Definitely worth the money!
Jess and Ruby on Floor

action shot of Ruby's tongue

Ruby really wanted the pizza we were eating tonight.
Her little black lower lip is so freaking cute!

I love getting action shots!

By the way - everyone's doggies are just wonderful! I love peeking in on my LJ during the day to get my Boston Terrier fix!
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A Few More ;)

You all know that BTs are farting bandits!

That's why we chose these tag lines :) Hazel got two tags.. her other tag says "Circus Bear" because she spends most of her time hopping and dancing around on her hind legs, just like a performing circus bear.

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