December 10th, 2005

first christmas excitement

we put up the christmas tree yesterday and mom placed some presents underneath the tree. at first elliott didn't pay much attention to what it was but one he did notice the shiny balls and the objects at floor level with him.. well he couldn't resist! i caught him attacking one present in particular. he nearly tore all the wrapping off. who was this present for? why dear elliott it's your christmas present from 'grandma'!

you naughty, naughty doggy!!
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Goth Girl

Doggie Beds

Brutus sleeps with me - he always has. But being as how we're moving on Dec 27th, I figured I would get him a new bed to try it out. I've been looking at puppy beds, and I'm indesicive. What type of beds do your bostons like? The little couches, the ortho paws, the oval ones from Wal-Mart??? Please let me know - $$$ is not an object, being as how he's already going to be getting a crapload of toys to try to ease him into the move anyway, and I figured spending atleast $150 on a bed for him. Any info is greatly appreciated!