December 15th, 2005


Hi everyone!

In an attempt to raise a little bit more money for my wedding, I wanted to see if anyone showed interested in buying homemade dog biscuits? I started it on the side like 3 years ago, but since I was a full time college student majoring in Biology, it didn't leave much time to say the least. I have a bit more time now, and honestly need some extra funds for my wedding in March. So, without further ado, here are some pics I took of the yummy treats!

Cut for a few pics
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The price is usually around $6 per bag, which isn't bad for almost a pound of these great treats. They come in a variety of flavors, Beef, Chicken, Carrot, and some more. I even got a lady who insisted her dog wouldn't eat ANY treats to take home a few for free.. and she came back to order since her dog loved them! It felt great! :) I used to have a site with everything, but once again college kept me more than busy. Anyhow, if anyone is interested feel free to post a comment or email me,

If this isn't legal etc, feel free to delete. I looked and didn't find anything that said this was against the rules, so I hope its not. :)Thanks everyone and Merry Christmas!
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LOTR-Galadriel pouring water

What to do on a snowy icy day?

Taken on a cell phone camera - not the best quality -

Oops - woke him up...

Malone AKA Boo AKA Boo boo hates rain, snow, ice, anything to do with getting wet so he runs behind the bushes to go the bathroom (under the overhang) then runs back to press against the door until I let him in. hehe
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Hi everyone,

I just joined this community. I can't believe I didn't think to look for one like this before! I have a 7mo old Boston named Zeke. He's a picture of him at his finest. He's got bronchitis right now from the cold. Has anyone else experienced that with their Boston?