December 17th, 2005


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Pugsley Rosewater Jackson-Pierce
We miss you already.

Pugsley almost fought away all of his heartworms, but after getting his last treatment two days ago, he couldn't fight anymore. 

I don't really know what to say right now, but I know there were so many people that loved and cared about him, so I thought we should go ahead and let everyone know.  Ashley and I will post more whenever we know more and have had a chance to take care of Ollie.

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Like I said, we'll post more later.


God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater.
Bentley and Niko
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Santa Day

It is a somber day, Bentley in his shirt will hopefully make some smiles. We took him to PetSmart to get his photo with Santa. It was a she-santa, but Bentley seemed comfortable enough on her lap.

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a sad day

I am so deeply saddened by the passing of Pugsley Rosewater that I do not want to make a big to-do about this....

But I am a proud mama and today is my girl Reggie's 2nd Birthday. Happy Birthday pup!!

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Reggie and Hank send their love to Pugsley, ollie, Lunchie and the whole wonderful Jackson-Pierce family.
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Griffin wanted to say "Merry Christmas" to all of his LJ buds and show you how sweet he looks in his sweater!

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Also, our hearts and thoughts are with Pugs and his family. We're so sorry for your loss :(