December 21st, 2005

Bentley and Niko
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I wanted to get a picture of Bentley in this crazy position he gets in when I'm about to throw his ball. His front legs are folded up like a bucking horse. I couldn't get it, but I did get these fun shots.

There's canned heat in my heels tonight BABAY!

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I am making 10000s of Christmas cookies tonight (Holiday cookies?) and forgot to get Andes mints at the store. so I left my kisses, sugar, crisco, pretzels, candy canes etc.. all in the bags on the floor in the kitchen and left for an hour. I came home and there is my precious little Lucy sitting there, with an all white face. At first I was confused as to what she could have gotten into...

until I stepped in the kitchen.

she has ripped open a 5lb bag of FLOUR and got it everywhere :-p

I suppose she just wanted to help, but I think its funny that with all the tasty treats that the bags contained, she picked FLOUR.

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