December 26th, 2005

boston terrier cute

Tink & Rebel Christmas 2005

So sad I coudnt be with Hog and Luey too! But here is Tink and Rebbies xmas

Rebel thought every single present was for him. Everytime we opened anything he would be right there waiting hahaha. He would cry and cry for more toys out of the huge bag they got as well

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Smudge Helping Dad

Well being the good girl Smudge is, she wanted to go help Daddy change the oil in the boat out in the back yard. She decided she wanted to be the one to empty the drained oil. I was at work at the time, but my mother and father told me what happened.

Well she managed to step on the side of the tin, and flip the oil all over herself, turning herself black. Mom had to wash her first in Dawn just to get the oil off, then variety of shampoos to make her smell decent. Including Herbal Essance and a tea tree oil. Now she's so soft and smells pretty, but you can smell slight traces of oil in certain spots, especially around her head.

I don't think she'll be helping out Daddy anytime soon though. I am so sorry I missed it, it would have been hilarious to get pictures.

The things our pups get into. Right now she's rooting into all my pillows and blankets making her nest. I guess all that work made her tired.

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