December 27th, 2005


Kylie goes in to get spayed on the 3rd at 7 AM. :(
I am a worried mommy. Knowing her she'll probably start bleeding the day before or something, lol.

Also, she's having a contest with Lulu to see who can be the biggest puppy girl. She's weighing around 14 pounds lately, the little cow, she just turned 6 months old on Christmas. :P I'd have a picture but I can't find my digi cam cord. I'll post one later today because she got a new hot pink collar for Christmas (which will hopefully stop the 'He's soooo cute!' comments lol) and can't wait to show it off!!

P.S. When can I expect her to be able to hold her bladder for five or six hours? Having to wash her crate out and bedding and give her a bath every morning (we work nights) is getting to be a pain in the ass. Half the time she poops in there too, and in order to hide it she .... eats it... (I'm getting that stuff that makes their poo taste bitter ASAP) or smushes it into the carpet and all over herself and I'm just wondering when this is going to stop. And it doesn't matter how small we make her crate (it came with a sizer thing so you can section it off as they grow) or how many times we take her out that day. We give her plenty of toys and stuff to keep her occupied. *sigh*


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scarlett trocar white

New Doggie

My husband went to the pound a week ago Saturday and brought home an 8 year old English Bulldog (only paid $4!!!!) we named Spike. Sofie seems to like Spike.

So, thankfully spunky Sofie is faster than big and slow Spike, but that doesn't stop him from trying to chase her around the house.

Photo behind the cut.
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