December 30th, 2005

Bentley and Niko
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Bentley wishes everyone a happy new year! Be safe, and have fun!

He'd like to add that he has enjoyed this community, and posing for pictures for it. Through the good times, and the bad we've been able to always feel connected by logging on and getting involved, sharing pictures, calendar contests, getting feedback on Boston art and helping others through difficult times as well. Thanks boston_buddies! May the years to come be just as supportive and fulfilling!

New Neighbors

Eversince we've moved here (15 years ago) we have never had neighbors directly next to us. We've had at least 2 free lots on either side, and we can never have neighbors directly behind us because we have powerlines, so our back neighbors are about 2 lots behind us. Well our town is growing rapidly, and someone bought the lot next to us (which we could have bought for $1900 when we moved in and sold for $55,000 today. Dad's really kicking himself now.) They're just now starting to build, and we always have construction people out there. Today was the first time Smudge has been exposed to them, and frankly she doesn't like people on her nextdoor lot. It was cute, one of the workers, who is a big black man, goes over to her and is like, "So you gunna bite me?" Mom stuck her head out and told him she's all bark. It's funny. All the construction people laugh at her when she gets all mean sounding and she jumps 5 feet up. She eventually calmed down, but would have her moments when she zoomed over to bark at them.

So how should I get her use to our new upcomming neighbors? I don't want her barking at them every time they walk out their door. I'm hoping by letting her out while the construction people are still working will help, since they'll be there everyday. Last thing I need is a neighbor who hates us who lives right next door.