January 2nd, 2006

Oh man

I'm such a glutton for punishment, lol. I want another Boston for Kylie to play with sooo bad. She bugs my fat cat so much that he has lost 5 of his 17 pounds (a good thing for his chunkiness, but still!) She absolutely ADORES other animals, especially doggies. I love Brantley (third Boston down) and Chanel (fourth Boston down) and they come housebroken and everything, $200. Too bad I don't have the time/room/money for another one, haha. Someday. I'd love to rescue one.

But anyway, Kylie goes in to get spayed at 7 AM tomorrow. Say some doggie prayers for her, even though I know it's super routine it's still surgery and I'm a worried doggie mom :( Thanks everyone!