January 4th, 2006


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I LOVE MY BOSTON SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!! I mean, I always loved her of course, but lately, I see her, and she's made herself even cuter (I told my mum Rista moves her nose up more between her eyes by Boston magic) . I just see her and I have to pick her up and squish her. I bought my mum a chihuahua puppy for christmas, and it's trying to terrorize Rista, but she's being really good about it. Having to take care of this little frail handbag of a dog makes me so glad I love Bostons. It will always be Bostons for me, they are my little bulldozers, and it takes a lot to get 'em down!!


Well Long story but i ended up gettin a different Bella. Some one my dad knew was giving away their boston terrier who also had the name bella. they said they didn't have time for it and it was staying in a kennel allday so not getting to play, I decided she was worse off then the one at the foster home. So far she has been wonderful. No barking, no accidents:). She had a hard time sleeping i was woke up quite a few times and also she hasnt eatin anything yet :( but her are the pictures!

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geech update

hi everyone...thank you SO MUCH for your kind wishes. it looks like they worked! i called the vet this morning and he said all the bloodwork came back negative for any problems in the liver, kidneys or with blood parasites. they don't know really what was causing the dizziness or fever, but i guess it could have been the "mild" urinary tract infection. i will have to press the vet about a better explanation later today. but he did eat dinner last night and didn't throw it up and his fever has come down so as long as he continues to feel okay, we can take him back home this afternoon. i am SO thankful it wasn't something more serious. and i have learned a very valuable lesson: my poor baby would rather make himself sick than pee on the floor. so from now on, if we think we might be gone for more than a few hours, i am getting a pet sitter because i cannot deal with this again!!!

geech and his mom & dad thank you all so much again!!!

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Good Energy

I'm sure most of you have been following the mining accident that happened a few days ago here in WV.  It happened about an hour away from me, and the one survivor was brought to the hospital here last night.  I know the story has touched so much of the nation, but it has particularly effected me.  Almost everyone in WV has coal miners in the family or knows someone who works with the mines.  Even though this time I didn't know any of the miners, I know that I could have.  Last night I kept waking up thinking that it wasn't true, that they had to be alive and somehow the media had it wrong.  Today I'm very angry.  I cannot even begin to imagine what the families are going through.  Please keep sending that good energy toward the families and the lone survivor.  The hospital is beside the law school, and we went up to the school today to just send some good energy his way. 

That is the hospital behind Albus.  He looks almost like he knows why we came. 

PUPPIES!!! This will be a long post.

hey everyone, its been awhile. I have been so busy frantically getting ready for the pups to arrive. And I was starting to get worried because her 62nd day came and went and she still hadn't had the pups or even showed a single sign of having the pups in the next 24 hours. And by day 63 I start to worry. Well on her 62nd day I took her temperature, it was normal. Checked for contraction=nothing. She was eating, playing with her toys and jumping around like no big deal. At 3 in the morning I checked her and she was sound asleep not a single contraction. checked her again at 5am, and still nothing.
Then I wake up at 6:06am from the sound of a screaming puppy and there by my chest is a single tiny female puppy. Amelie had totally and completely suprised me. She went from sound asleep to having a pup in an hour. I couldn't believe it. I rushed her downstairs into her warm whelping box and room. And helped her have the rest. She had 4 beautiful baby girls. One of them, which I call Domino, is the funniest looking one but she is so cute. She has a half black face, which is so odd. Normally they might have a half white face, but this one has a half black face. Some of the boston breeders here have never seen that before and have been breeding and showing for 30 years, ha. Anyway There are definitely two nice show quality females, I had them checked by a top breeder and she really likes the looks of them. So I might be keeping a female to show this summer. And there are two pet quality, since one has a half black face and the other one has some black on her muzzle. She has nice marking and nice body besides that, so she might work well as a brood bitch. But we'll see I think I will let her go to a nice pet home.

Amelie went for her post-whelping check up this morning, she is doing excellent. The pups had their dewclaws done and now all I have to do is admire them.

Anyway here are some cute pictures of them, they are newborn -one day old in these Collapse )

Lastly here are some pictures of Amelie and Ninja with some of their christmas presents. They got many toys too.
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my ex bf is gone for a while so again, i have the custody of our son! yay!
he arrived today. i had quite a fun time trying to put on his "winter boots", he didnt like that very much but i laughed a lot when i saw him walking with the boots on!

he came with his lil suitcase, including cookies, blankie, leash and...this...thing...his baby
yuk !

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