January 5th, 2006

Army wife

Poor neutered pig

So, Charlie lost his manhood today. The vet didn't even use stitches, she used some sort of "glue" (for lack of a better term; that's what the technician called it). He has to wear an E-collar for a week if he looks to be bothering the area, but I'm supposed to take it off tomorrow and watch him and if he doesn't bother the area then I can leave it off. He was very tender when I picked him up and very depressed. He's finally asleep now but most of the afternoon he was just staring at me, like, "How could you DO this to me?" I felt horrible leaving him there this morning, and looking at his empty crate and bed at home made me so sad. I missed him like crazy! He seems to be fine but I am a little concerned because he hasn't had anything to drink since I brought him home about four hours ago. I've offered but he's just not interested. We even tried to give him some with an eye dropper but he wouldn't take it. Does anyone know if this is normal or should I be concerned?

Here's a pic of the poor piggy's misery:
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