January 6th, 2006

calm day


Yesterday, my hubby came home from work and the front door was ajar slightly. It was locked but open. He walked in and Maggie (my boston terrier) was missing. The neighbor said he saw the other dog (a bichon frise') in the yard and that he had put her in the house. Maggie is no where to be found! She is in heat also (just started it a couple days ago) This all happened about 1:30 yesterday afternoon and we searched for her all over the neighboorhood. We also put flyers up with her picture all over the neighborhood offering a reward. She didn't have her collar on so she is without her tags. My whole family is just devestated about this. We searched and searched until after 9pm. Tommorrow there will be an ad started in the paper (we didn't call until it was too late to start it today)Does anyone have any other suggestions? We have called the animal shelter, the pound and also all the vets in the area.
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How do you keep yur dogs from digging out ?My moms baby boston has learned the fine art , and we spent five hours looking for him today ! We found him, but this has become a huge problem ! Does anyone have any ideas ?