January 12th, 2006

hey everyone....

A few friends and I are starting our own line of doggie accessories, clothes and bags/carriers. We are going to specialize in the carrier aspect because there are no fashionable carriers out there that can hold our dogs, and if there are they are expensive.

okay so here's the deal, since I'm hoping a lot of you have run into the same problem...
I need the measurements of your dogs (since i know there are some big bostons out there.)
Also any ideas for styles and designs or features for the carriers that you would love, let me know.

thanks everyone!
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I haven't posted anything about Lady in a while, but I've been reading all of your entries. I did wanna tell a little story about Lady Killer that happened over the weekend while I was away. This is X-posted from my lj.

This weekend while I was at Knuckles house my parents took Lady Killer to PA 'cuz we can't trust my brother to feed/walk the dogs when he's alone. Anyways my parents built this house in the pocono's and in the winter the lakes freeze solid up there. So everyone goes walking on the lake, so my parents brought Lady and Mocha out on the lake and let them run free. As anyone can attest I don't usually walk my dog on leashes because they're really well behaved. So they run ahead of my parents, 'cuz my mom is still walking funny because of her back, and they go run up to this staffy. Everyone's tails are wagging. Lady's wearing a down vest...very important. Then all of a sudden Mocha (the chocolate lab) takes a few steps away and a fight breaks out. The pit gets a good bite at Lady but it's mostly absorbed by her jacket, so then Lady stands underneath the staffy and starts biting its throat.

The fight was broken up shortly after that. I'm not bragging that my dog is tough, because she's not..she just thinks she is.

Lady also thinks she's an alpha dog so we figure she mighta started the fight. Neither dog was hurt but lady's vest has two puncture wounds in it. This dog could have almost swallowed Lady whole. She's an idiot, but I love her anyways.

And since its been a while under the cut is a picture or two of my little girl.

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food question

Hey, wondering how many times a day you guys feed you dogs? I have asked people around work and some say once and some say twice. The reason I am asking is we have always fed them twice a day. Reggie is a grazer. She never really sat and ate her food all in one sitting. Things have changed since we got the little monster Henry. He devours all the food he can! We have had to start putting Reggie's bowl up on the couch to keep it out of Henry's reach.

We got in late from work and running errands one night recently and decided not to feed the dogs since it was too close to bed time. And this schedule seemed to work nicely. Henry slept through the night without any 3 am 20 degrees potty trips outside, and Reggie also sat and ate her whole dish of food the next morning.....

So....don't attack me, I am not neglecting my beloved babies! But could we get away with a once a day morning feeding?
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Lost Boston Terrier

My female one year old Boston Terrier, Maggie, has been missing since 1/5/06 from the Fort Walton Beach Florida area. One week ago today she went missing and my family is heartbroken.
We have posted flyers, walked the neighborhoods and also posted ads in the papers. We also have looked several times at the local shelters.
We are offering a reward for information leading to her return.
Please email jen_floridagal@yahoo.com with any information
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