January 22nd, 2006

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Hello everyone! I haven't posted in a long time.. I just took some pictures of my dog Stitch (I'm Sunshyne's daughter) and wanted to post the good ones.. so here they are!

Yeah.. I don't think he wanted to be bugged while chewing his rawhide..

"Uh, no, Lilo. This is MY rawhide and you BETTER stay away from it. I really do mean that!"

Aren't they cute?


Oh ya, and I am really sorry, but I couldn't get the pictures smaller!!!!

EDIT: This is your mother, CO-COD of the community. If you EVER post pictures this size again I am going to make you eat a doggie biscuit. Oh wait, you already do! HAHAHAHAHA
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I may buy a digital camera in the morning, depending on how much I have left over after bills. So, no pictures in this post. I did want to post what he's been up to recently. He's a funny little guy.

I have a new co-worker on Friday nights and she brings her dog to work too. He's a 70lb 2yr old German Shepard. Both the Shepard and Fizzgig are'nt terribly well socialized with other dogs. They're a bit on the idiotic side. Fizzgig tends to be too quick and rough and the shepard is just a dork and for some reason other dogs just don't like him. Anyway, we decided to try and socialize them together. Fizzgig kicked the 70lb German Shepard's butt. It was so funny. He was'nt being aggressive, just overly playful. He kept trying to play bitey face and it terrified the shepard. He had the poor dog who is over 3 times his size quivering in fear. This from a small dog who can't even stand in place without falling over.

I also recently found out that my little Balinese kitten actually likes Fizzgig. I always thought she was pretty much annoyed with him, but was more tolerant than the other cats about being constantly tackled. Well one day Fizzgig was sleeping in my lap which is normally her place to be. She jumped up into my lap and snuggled down with him and started cleaning his ears. It was so sweet. The only interaction they normally have is him constantly trying to tackle her down to the ground so he can cover her in kisses and she gets mad. Hopefully when they both start to grow up more (they're around the same age, about 1 1/2 years) they'll calm down and become friends.

Oh, and thanks to Joey, I bought Fizzgig a dinosaur Cuz. It is apparently the best thing I've ever bought. He spends hours and hours and hours making that thing squeak. He's got one for home and one for work.

I almost forgot to ask... Does anyone know where I can get a dog sweater or jacket that accomodates a harness? I had to cut a hole in the sweater I bought him so I could pull the leash through.
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argyle blues.

I was refusing to walk and being all shivery and they went and found this $6 sweater for me. I think it looks like a $6 sweater, but mom says that's fine, since I already got pee on it.
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Traveling with dogs

So we're planning on taking a three week car trip this summer, and we want to take Zeus with us. We'll be doing pet friendly hotels and campgrounds, and we'll be OK at the National Parks, but we're wondering what people do with their pets when they want to go to museums and other indoor places.

It will be too warm to keep Zeus in the car, since the temps will be in the 80's. We were thinking of just taking his crate and putting him in his crate outside somewhere, but I don't know if he'll get too hot in there, and shade isn't guaranteed. I know people travel with pets all the time, so this can't be an unusual problem. Any ideas?
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A few of you have mentioned buying kids clothes for your Bostons.  What size do you buy?  Albus is about 30lbs.  I want to get him a College of Law t-shirt but I can't ever figure out what size to get when I'm in the store.