January 23rd, 2006

bat lady

I'm a cruel animal abuser. Apparently.

I got yelled at this morning by a homeless woman this morning. I was crossing the street and she started jumping up and down screaming at me to pick up my dog and that I was cruel. Yes, Fizzgig falls over frequently. He can't help it. But he does'nt know the difference and is in no pain. He has no idea that falling over is not normal. He's a happy little guy and falling over is probably fun for him, at least it's normal for him. I can't help but get fuming mad when people call me cruel because I adopted a disabled dog. I adopted him because I wanted to help him, and I figured that I would be best suited to help a disabled dog due to my profession. I get so tired of being attacked in the street because of it though. This morning I was only walking him 1/2 a block so he could pee before we went home. Because he's disabled he should never leave the house? Never pee outside? He walks just fine, other than occasionally falling over. He loves to walk, he loves to run. I got angry and yelled back at the woman that he has a neurological disorder and that she was cruel for yelling at me for taking care of a disabled dog. She would not listen and kept jumping up and down yelling at me to pick him up and how cruel I was. I began putting him in his carrier because we were close to the bus stop and the woman would not go away. She pointed out that he'd fallen over and I said once again, "I know, he has a neurological disorder!" Fizzgig was afraid of her and would not go into the carrier, he insisted that I snuggle and reassure him. She kept standing in front of me staring at me with a look of hatred because apparently I was abusing the dog I was snuggling. I very directly told her to go away and stop staring at me, she was scaring my dog. She then walked over to a payphone, probably thinking that I would think she was calling the police on me for abusing my dog or whatever. I put him in his carrier and began walking to the bus stop (about 10 feet away). Then she did something that pissed me off more than anything, she got this look of self righteousness because I'd finally picked up the dog. Ugh, that pissed me off. I wish it did'nt piss me off so much. I understand and appreciate that people are just trying to protect an animal, no matter how off they are. But goddamnit, I take very good care of my little dog. I help him. I do whatever it takes to make him happy. It just makes me so angry!