January 24th, 2006

A.s Shadowed Androgyny


So Scar has fleas, or what we presume are fleas, this is the first time he's had them. We first discovered them on Thursday when my little brother was petting him and he spotted one. They are little black specks, you'd think they were just dirt...if not for the fact that they jump. Well as you can imagine over the weekend there has been A TON of cleaning going on, his blankets have been repeatedly washed, we had to poison the front and back yard, and vaccume all the rooms over and over, then we had to toss out his bed all together because even after washing the outer part repeatedly they just kept coming back, so they had probably already gotten into the part we cant wash and it had to go ($50 dollar bed -_-' and he's only had it for about 4 months now so it was still pretty new.) He's also had a flea bath (after much struggle) and now save for 1 or 2 sightings he seems to be ok, its the carpet and the rest of the house that we're still worried about now.

And none of the neighbors next door or in back of us have any pets...so we're wondering where he might have got them from. A friend said they might have come off of birds because we just re-seeded our lawn last week and a bunch of birds have been around eating some of the grass seeds, so that could be it.
But what makes this strange is that this is way to early to be anywhere near flea season, we not supposed to get them until around April, March at the earliest. And another thing is that Scar has not been scratching...at all. In fact we would have never known he had these things if we hadnt seen them, which leads us to wonder if they are fleas. My friends mom said they may be chiggers but then chigger season isnt until spring as well and they are red. The only other thing we thing we think could be be are Mites of some kind.

Anyway here's a description of them, aside from a few odd things they seem to fit the flea profile...

1) They're pretty small and black, almost like dirt

2) They definitely jump

3) It seems that only my mom has been bitten so far, but she does have little red bites on her legs

4) And yet its not flea season and certainly not the best conditions for them to be around yet (even though its sunny outside its still very cold and windy) and we havent been using the heater so the house isnt warm by far

5) They DONT seem to have caused any irritation on Scar at all and even though we've found them on him he hasnt scratched or tried to bite at himself once

I dont have any pictures to post but if any more pop up I'll try and get one, they seem to be pretty much gone now after all the stuff we did over the weekend but yesterday we did run into 1 in the evening, so far thats it though *crosses fingers*, its just really puzzling though.
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Bostons Looking For Homes.

This was posted on our Meetup message board. I'm assuming these bostons are somewhere in the Denver, CO area.

My boss has rescued a couple of boxers from Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue and she is on their mailing list. They recently sent out this message (but I haven't researched it myself):

"Here is a strange request:
Homes and fosterhomes are desperately needed for 5 Boston Terriers. Owner is in a coma due to a car crash. If you can help please call Marita at 303-744-8329 for more information.
Have a nice day

So if you are looking for more bostons I'd check it out, but be wary. However, Ho-Bo Care is a reputable group. www.hobocare.com. Marita works for Ho-Bo Boxer Rescue and is the person you would be speaking with. Just thought I'd pass it on. Steph

Just thought I'd pass the message along. We also have a member who is looking for a home for one of her foster BTs, Duke. I've met Duke twice and he is a sweet, handsome boston. He's kind of a loner in the group, but likes to play with the other dogs. I'm thinking he would need some one-on-one training and lots of TLC (he had to pee on everything at the indoor play facility). I have not seen him around children, but assuming that he would do well with them...since he seems to be a well-tempered dog. He's a bigger boston: tall and weighing 20+ lbs. I'd take him in if we were in a situation that we could take in another dog, but we just don't have the time to be home with him and such....plus we live in a small apartment right now. Let me know if you're interested and I can pass on your information to his foster mommy.

(I'll post a picture within the next week of Duke...once I get around to getting our meetup pics uploaded to weblogimages.com)
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Sophie loves American Apparel

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This is in response to an earlier post of a lovely young man wearing an awesome American Apparel tee... Actually, Sophie isn't obsessed with AA, its her momma who is obsessed with AA. She also has another AA tee, turquoise with purple ringers.