January 26th, 2006



Can you spot the real boston??

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My Photogenic boston, yes, you can see her cataracts in the pic.

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"Mummy, gees, what does a boston have to do around here to have a little nap in this utopia of your coat and Uncle Rory's comforter?!??"
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newspaper and puppies

So today amelie, ninja and I were in the winnipeg free press in the city & business section. there was an article about the boston meetups I do every month and a cute picture of me and the dogs. The article has brought us 6 new members already and a whole bunch of emails. I never thought it would do that. I am so glad the reporter contacted me because now our meetups will be even bigger next summer. The only downside was the two misprints, one saying Amelie was 5, when she is actually 3. And the other misquoting me as saying we have not had any fights at our meetups, when infact we did have two not so good fights. Oh well thats what to expect with the newspaper I suppose.
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For now here are some updated pictures of the now 3 week old puppies. They are starting to play fight, growl, bark and walk fastly its so cute.
And of course I could not resist this picture of none other than the beautiful, adorable and charming DOMINO!!!!!!
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the end


Odd quirk

For some reason Smudge refuses to eat over the tile. Which is kinda funny since 95% of our house is tile. She picks up her food and brings it over to one of the nearby house rugs. She won't eat over her bowl either. Anyone else with a Boston that does this?

Oh, and she must read my mind because she ALWAYS manages to start eating 5 minutes before I decide to go to bed, which ranges between 10-12 at night. I swear she does it on purpose.
Kissing Eiffel Tower

odd question

Hey fellow boston lovers! I just had a strange question. Well, Violet will be 2 years old in May (tear!) and she still has her baby teeth.....when she was getting older I had asked the vet when she was going to get her adult teeth and and she was like, she hasn't yet? And I said no I've been waiting to find one laying around or something, and the vet just said well I guess she has "abnormally small teeth".....but like I said she's almost 2 and they're still the same as when we got her at 7 weeks. I just wasn't sure about the teething process.....so if any of you have any advice or thoughts please let me know! (and don't think I'm stupid! :-D )
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Valentine animations

I made the following gifts for LuLu and Hog. If anyone else would like one please just reply with a pic of your baby (or babies). It would be helpful if the picture of your baby is facing front but I can try to work something out if you don't have any of those :)

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This may be my first and last post

I couldn't help myself. It was really all her fault. Mommy left the closet door open. I wouldn't have, ahem, 'wandered' in there if she hadn't let Bomber snuggle with her during naptime in MY spot glued to her neck. He's a big ol' dumb pit bull. He should be banished to the floor.
I was pissed. I'll be honest. I huffed, I fluffed every inch of the comforters I could reach for 20 minutes straight, I jangled my tags like a holiday song, I scratched and licked for distance. And yet, I was not satisfied.
I needed to be heard.
I needed to be snuggled.
I needed revenge.

Vintage lucite shoes did the trick. Ohohooo, but only one. Yes, only one shoe.

If I am needed, I will be hiding in my kennel.