January 28th, 2006

Bentley and Niko
  • satyr8

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A couple weeks back, mom put me on this chair for a picture, and I realized I rather enjoy baking in the sun on a cushioned chair, just a little bit higher off of the ground. Now every sunny weekend, if I go out I stand next to the chair and wait to be lifted up onto it. You see, I could jump, but that chair is wobbly and could send me wobbling off, so safest bet is to have those humans lift me.
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  • kelliee

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i keep forgetting to update you all about the little jack russell i found.

i took her to the vet, and one of the ladies working there recognized the dog by the description of a dog one of their customers gave (the customers neighbor lost the dog) but couldnt remember who that person was. they scanned her for a microchip and she had one, but didnt have any of the owners info on it (because it was a new chip). all it said was "jack russell terrier", which was pretty obvious already. i left my phone number there so they could call me if the owner dropped in.

i put up more lost dog flyers, this time i made them in english and spanish, just in case. later that day, my mom got a call (i was at school) and it turns out her owner only lives 3 houses away. the dog was 7 years old! i seriously thought she was only 6 months - 1 year... her name is dottie.

i dont know why she had the scars on her legs. my mom mentioned them to the lady (saying "she has scars on her legs...") and she just said "yeah, on her back legs..."

so the pup is back home, which is good for us because she did NOT like cats, and i have 7 of them... hopefully its a good thing for the dog too.