February 1st, 2006

4 weeks old

they are the cutest, i brought them upstairs to play for the first time. They had fun. Amelie kept a watch over them and then ninja took babysitting duties for awhile and then they did it together. As you can see in the pictures.
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take my pup to the groomers?

hi boston lovers!

normally, i take my pup Roman to the vet to have his nails clipped on a regular basis, and i give him my own baths. but now that he's 7 months and getting HUGE, its becoming harder and harder to bathe him myself, seeing as he is NOT a fan of bathtime and tries to jump out etc.

he doesn't get very dirty, but would it be worth it to take him to a groomer's instead? i mean, in true boston fashion, he is very short-haired...so would it be worth it???

what does everyone do with their babies???