February 4th, 2006

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Dog door and fence options....

I'm about to close on owning my first house. There is a huge back yard (about the size of a football field) for my little Emo to frollick in. I noticed 1/3 of it isn't fenced in on one side so I'm going to have to put up a fence because I want to be able to let Emo out and not worry about watching him.

I was thinking about getting a doggy door on the back door so that he could just go in and out as he pleased. Is this a good idea? Does anyone have experience with this? I want something nice enough that it won't let out the hot/cool air and run up my bills.

Also I don't want him to try to dig out so any ideas there? Would it be cruel to put barb wire along the bottom so that he doesn't even try it?

Mojo update

Well we survived our first night with Mojo :)

He has exactly the OPPOSITE obedience problems that Kylie does. I can really tell that he wasn't socialized at all, that he was just left in his crate all day. It's really sad, because he's such a smart little guy that deserves better. His problems that we have noticed so far:

-He pees when he gets excited. Every time. When we wake up and try to get his leash on in the morning, when my boyfriend comes home from work... etc. Even when we don't talk to him and try not to excite him.
-He has bone aggression. Not food or toy aggression, just bones. He snapped at Kylie really badly when she tried to sniff at his bone. (It was an old bone the people gave us, so we just threw it away. Since then, we haven't seen aggression with any of the new bones we bought for them.)
-He mounts Kylie, alot. I don't get it because they are both fixed. I think it's a dominance issue.
-He will NOT calm down when you are trying to put his leash on or Kylie's leash. I think this stems from the fact that he wasn't walked ever, because they had a backyard (we don't) and just let him out to potty.
-He barks. At everything. His old housemate was a Yorkie, and he learned this from her (says his old owners). This we are working on, and he usually will stop when we tell him to.
-He does not understand the word NO.
-He mouths alot when playing. It doesn't hurt, but it could definitely scare you if you just met him.
-He growled at me when I was trying to adjust his new harness.

Good things about him:
-He is very potty trained. No accidents yet aside from the excited peeing.
-He does really well in a crate
-Kylie just LOVES him to death (when he's not mounting her lol)
-He ignores our cats and they don't mind him
-He is a really sweet boy when he's calm

He is alot more than we bargained for, especially with Kylie being such a good girl. We're going to work with him for awhile and if he proves to be too much for us, we might have to find him a home with more experienced Boston owners. I hope he will be a quick learner and calm down, but he is SO exciteable... it's really bad. Like he will NOT calm down unless you are really mean with him, which I don't want to have to be. Anyone have suggestions how to get rid of some of his bad behaviors? The excited peeing is the WORST.

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Helllllpp haha.

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Lucy spent a week over New Years with our friends who have a toy poodle, pug and a great dane. She was in love with the pug previously, but once she started spending more time with Moses,the great dane, she soon felt he was the only dog for her. they would spend hours chasing each other around the coffee table (lucy is much faster as Moses is the SIZE of the coffee table) We went back for a visit last night.

here Janine is holding Moses down and tickling him, and the little dogs joined in the fun.

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Lucy would go after his chin, and then he would take her whole head in his mouth, which she thought was hilarious!

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Janine was laying on Moses so Lucy could bite him in the face.

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I wish I could have gotten some pictures of the two of them playing without Janine holding him down. it is soooo funny. Lucy jumps onto the chairs and the couch and is still shorter than the horse that is Moses. she rolls over on her back and bats at him like a cat and then he grabs her face and she nibbles on his chin. Then she jumps down, runs around the table and then through the chairs, which confuses him because in his mind, he is 20 lbs so he doesn't understand why he can't fit through the little space. so she comes up behind him and the game starts over. Anyways I thought I would share these pics and hope that someday soon we will get better ones!