February 14th, 2006

eight year old me

pistons and ollies and bostons, oh my!

We spent the weekend with my sister, Lele, and her Piston mix, Hotis, and my best friend Jud, who has Diddle the Boston.  

The best part of the entire trip was playing with all the babies outside-- they all had a hell of a time.  They chased skunks and scooted on the grass.  This is Hotis running towards me, with Cookie beside him and Diddle digging in some leaves:

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Jenna and Ollie:

Oliver had such a good time with his doggie friends this weekend -- we know he misses his Pugs so much.  In related news, we went to see about adopting a Boston rescue (or three) this weekend, but another family (greedily and unfairly) beat us to the piggie claim.  I have also put in several applications for Boston adoptions in the past week, but have yet to hear back from anyone.  I don't want to pay an insane amount to or support a breeder, but even the rescue Bostons we're finding have really high adoption fees.  In any case, we're waiting for the next one to come along. Ollie is so ready for another brother or sister. Wish us luck!


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I wuv Bostons !

I don't have a Boston Terrier, but I want one !!! I am just in absolute love with this community ! I love seeing all the pictures of the dogs and commenting on such.

My fiance wants a B.T too. We have even picked out the dog's name. We want to name our future dog "Bowser." I would get a B.T but my apartment building doesn't allow pets (thought there are smuggled pets in the building) I have Boston calendars all over my place.
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Can anyone recommend a breeder in any of the following states:

Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, Delaware

If you can, please let me know the reasons why you recommend them and contact info. I'd love to get a brother or sister for Griffin and I wont use his breeder again.