February 19th, 2006

Bentley and Niko
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My poor little B-man has bumps all over his back. It's very strange. I noticed it on Friday afternoon, and was hoping it was just a bad reaction to the scent they put on him at the groomers. (He was bathed and groomed at Petsmart on Thursday - came home smelling like cinnamon gingerbread)

Here’s more pics and info, it's kinda hard to see them, but he is normally very smooth coated. If anyone else has experienced any allergies from Petsmart bath/scents let me know too, I can’t think what else it might be. He’s not outside very much but he could’ve been bitten by something when he’s out sunbathing. I just hope he’s better by Monday, poor guy.
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I am considering Benadryl to see if they go down, but I’ve only given Benadryl to my Boxers when I had them and they were 60 lbs, and I only gave them a ½ a pill (I think they're 30 mg tabs). Has anyone given their BT Benadryl and how much?

not BT specific, but...

I hope no one minds this off-topic post - I have a rescue dog question.

We are thinking about getting a dog from a local no-kill shelter. In the past couple of months, the local police have busted up a pit bull fighting ring and the shelters are full of dogs who were going to be used to train pit bulls to fight. Yes, it's horrifying and disgusting.

We have room and love for one more, so we are going to look at a couple of the dogs this week and hopefully make a decision next weekend. A friend of mine is on the board of directors for one of the shelters and she has narrowed the search for us. We are going to look at these two little guys: Tigger and Biscuit.

I need to know what kind of questions to ask about the dogs and what kind of behavior etc. to look for. They are neutered, microchipped and up to date on their shots, and I don't think general health is going to be a big issue. I know I should ask about heartworm (it's very rare around here) and take a good look at their teeth. What else?

The dog will be joining a household with a Boston, a Japanese Chin, a 4-year-old human and two adults. My huband works from home, so the new guy will have supervision.

I'd really appreciate your input.
Puppy Love

The puppies got new sweaters!

The pups all got new sweaters to help combat the cold weather; however, Bailey's was too small for him.  So,  here's some pics of Briley's and Baxter's new sweaters.

Briley seems far from happy about this newest addition to her wardrobe.
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And Baxter doesn't even seem like he notices the new sweater.  Of course, not much slows this little guy down.
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