February 27th, 2006


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Lucy got to spend the weekend with her dear friend Moses the great dane and his side kick Frodo the pug. oh, and the gay wonderpoodle Pele.

the game is simply this. Lucy runs around the coffee table and Moses follows faithfully, depending on how Lucy is feeling, she will slow down and let him almost catch her and then speed up. When Moses catches her, they play bitey-face, where Lucy tries to attack Moses's tonsils. Eventually, Lucy will jump on the chair and be closer to Mosey's face, and they she will lay on her back and bat his face with her paws and bite the air playfully, and then give him kisses on his nose. he will then proceed to try to eat lucy's face. its adorable.

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Lucy and Frodo playing tug. its really funny to listen to a pug growl, and Lucy totally whips him into shape!

The dogs have fun together, at some part of the day they were all chasing each other, Moses leaping over the chairs chasing Lucy, Lucy chasing Frodo and Frodo chasing Moses. it was highly entertaining! of course, Frodo came home with us and is staying with us this week and as much as Lucy loves him, she would prefer to play in his house rather than have to share attention with him here :)