March 7th, 2006

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I haven't posted in a while, that's because I moved away to college and had to leave my angel. I miss macy very very much and I go back home as much as possible. anywho I just thought I would post a picture of her so everyone could see :D

my angel...

I don't know if you remember but I posted in November when I was told that my Noel had terminal cancer. You all were very understanding and I was touched by your outpouring of sympathy.

Noel passed this Friday. I was alone with her when she went and it's been incredibly hard. I miss her so much. Home just isn't home without her.

I had a wonderful christmas and winter break with her and I'm glad I could be there with her when she passed. Yet, I keep thinking is there something more I could've done? I hate having to picture her that way. Having to see such a sweet, warm, cheerful dog waste away and die. Luckily, her death itself was very easy and peaceful.

Sorry for the depressing post. I just want to remind all of you to cherish the time you have with your angels!!! (as I know you all do)

Thank you for all of your understanding.
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