March 21st, 2006

Meet Hank

Hi everybody. I'm Rebecca and I'm here to introduce my puppy!
Introduce Your Dog
Dog's Name or Nickname: Hank
Age: 4 months
Breed: Boston Terrier
Location: Brick, NJ
Something about your Dog: Hank has been living with us for two months now. He was the gift I always asked for but never received. When my boyfriend told me, I couldn't stop smiling. I was able to pick him out of the litter and everything. He's perfect, crooked tail and all. He makes everyone who walks in the door smile. I've always had golden retrievers so he is my first boston terrier. I can't imagine my life with out one. He's growing so fast! We go to puppy kindergarten every Wednesday, and in one month we start obedience school. Hank is so smart and he loved torturing our golden. I hope everyone is looking forward to LOTS of pictures of him.

The most recent picture

With big brother Bodhi

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Hyperactive Boston

Hello I'm a newbie!
But I had a question about my Boston Terrier. He's about 7 months old, non neutered yet, and he's crazy!
He runs around constantly, when you walk he nips at your feet, he jumps all over people and he chews on everything.
He doesn't sit still at all and I know it's normal puppy behavior to chew and we've given him a variety of toys and bones for that(which has helped a lot) but he's still so hyperactive.

Will this behavior subside?
How do I get him to stop nipping when people walk and sit still when we pet him?
I'm worried that he'll never stop acting like this.

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Dip Stick

Well mother wanted me to do a quick errand with her to the drive thru pharmacy. So I also brought along Smudge since she hasn't been on a ride in a while. We go through the drive thru, and the pharmacist sees her and gives her a treat putting it on the little transport tray.

She eats her bone, we get home, and let her run up to the door. She's so excited to get in, and I'm like, "You want in?! Speak! Speak!" So she barks, and I let her in.

What does she do? She runs to the back door to be let out. It's like, YOU WERE JUST IN THE FRONT YARD! Dipstick pup.
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We got Tanner an Orka dog toy because he LOVES to chew and pull at strings, so this was perfect. I recommend it for bostons because so far it is not damaged at all.

Joey took command of the Orka
Joey had to have his turn with it of course

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