March 22nd, 2006

Griffie Puff

New Puppy?

I think I'm getting a new puppy! I found a breeder about 2 hours from my home in Richmond, VA. She has 2 litters of pups that were born at the end of February. My husband and I are going to see them this coming weekend! Griffin will be SO thrilled to have a playmate. Anyway, the breeder is in Elkton, VA and her name is Linda. All her dogs are house-bred as opposed to doggie runs in kennels. If anyone has any experience with her, please let me know.

We'll take pics this weekend of our breeder visit and I'll be sure to post!

Any suggestions of things to look out for or to ask her are greatly appreciated!
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I am not a dog person - or I wasn't before getting our 9mo old boston terrier Magneto. He is adorable and crazy and makes me smile all the time. BUT he is still a pain in the butt :-)
Here are some pictures because I'm a proud mama.
Oh, and Hello to all! I am new here.
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I wish dogs could talk! I was in the other room and all of sudden Kermie yelped and cried out. I came running in just as she was running out. She looked so scared! I picked her and carried her into the room to see if I could figured out what happened and she started shaking and practically jumped out of my arms! SCARY! I have no idea what happened and she seems ok now...but I wish she could tell me! I am going to be keeping my eye on her...