March 25th, 2006


Another new one...

Hey all :)

My name is Theresa, I'm from Maryland, and I had a Boston Terrier for 10 years. Sadly, she passed away this past's still weird heading home to my parents and not having her there. Espescially since around the time I was 15 up until I moved out this past October, she would always sleep under the covers on my bed.

Not quite ready to get another one yet (for me or my parents), but after having her, I know I'd never be able to get another kind of dog.

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Indestructible toys?

Does anyone have any good suggestions for toys that might take Zeke longer than a few days to destroy? I'll definitely have to check out the Orca, and he has a Cuz, but are there any other suggestions? He really loves stuffed animals, but sadly they're destroyed within a few days--even the ones that are supposed to last longer!