March 27th, 2006



I'm such a bad Boston Mommy. Smudge is sleeping in the bed, under the covers, while I'm watching TV, and she starts dreaming. Her legs are twitching, like they do when they dream, only this one has to be a really good one since she's twitching alot.

So what do I do? I tickle her feet and probably added a new plot twist in her dream untill she kicks me.
But it probably didn't seem as bad when my 20 lb cat stepped on her head since he couldn't see her under the covers. She was level with the pillow he was on, so he didn't even notice. Poor dog. That must have been a rude awakening. Tickled feet then a 20lb weight on your face?

Heehee. Too bad mother has my camera for the cruise or I would have taken pictures.