April 10th, 2006

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Thanks to everyone who left advice about my "How long can a dog hold it?" question. But now I have another one, because I still don't have the dog!

Here's what happened: Last Sunday (a week ago yesterday) I emailed the rescue who has the Boston I'm interested in and asked how I could apply, because their online application was acting screwy. They wrote me back and said just to email them some information - name, address, age, fence/no fence, where will I keep the dog - all the typical application questions. The woman who sent the email said to send her this info and she would process my application "immediately."

A couple days went by and I didn't hear anything, and I was really anxious to get an answer, so Tuesday night I sent an email saying, "Hi, I just wanted to make sure you got my application, please let me know if you need any other info." I haven't heard anything back from them at all. And I've sent all my correspondence to both the woman who runs the rescue and the woman who's fostering the dog, so even if one of them is having email problems, the other should be getting them.

So now what? Would it be too pushy/impatient for me to email them again? I'm really surprised they haven't at least written to me and said "We received your application and we'll let you know something in a few days," esp. since they said they'd process my application "immediately." The only reference they asked for was for my vet, so it's not like they had to check on a bunch of stuff. I'm really impatient and I want to be proactive about this, but I don't want to be annoying. What do you all think?
Curious Baxter

Help with a yow-yowing puppy!

Our baby Boston Terrier, who is currently 18 months old, has developed a nasty little habit of howling and whining incessantly. He does this most often when he is waiting to be let out (even if he doesn't have to potty and just wants to run around) and when he wants to be let back into the house. Sadly, it's not just a little whimpering... it sounds like a crazy, pigmy Tazmanian devil and not a dog!!

Does anyone have any useful tips I can try with him? This seems to be a very recent progression as before he would quiet down as soon as he was let out but it has gotten tremendously worse lately.

I don't want to overly scold or punish him but he's really beginning to drive us all (including the other two who will nip when they've had enough of his yow-yowing) insane!
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