April 17th, 2006



I know a lot of people here feed their dogs Nutro. I started feeding Ashton Nutro about 2 months ago.

Lately, I have been reading stories on communities about dogs getting bloat and even dogs dieing from the food. I don't know what to believe.

Ashton has been eating a lot of grass since he's on Nutro. Anyone else had this problem?

Help, please.
boston terrier cute

Hog & Lulu

If you look closely you can see a little red lumberjack in the background

My dad came to FL for his vacation. My mom decided to take a yellow sock and rub it all over Rebel. Then take a pink sock and rub it all over Bell. (for those who dont know rebel and tink are my parents bostons in CA)

Lulu has never met Rebel and Tink but Hog and them were dearest cousins. I took pics while Hoggy got to smell them

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